Carly’s thought-provoking art draws upon the experience of being human. With inspirations including artists like Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko, she explores the fragility of life and emotions through her expressive paintings.

Describing her approach as “a conversation between myself and the emerging painting”, Carly creates a basic outline before building colours and responding to the way the paint lands on the canvas.

The layering of words and paint conceals a secret message to be interpreted differently by each unique viewer, as Carly explains.

“I write mainly about the challenges and joys of being human, and the sense of possibility, strength and belonging,” she says. “I wait for the right moment, and then I write whatever comes to me. It’s incredibly fast and very alive – like pure energy as the sentences hit the canvas.

“I’m not keen on dictating to the viewer what they should see. It’s important to me that people find their own meanings, a private message for only them.”